Gut Wudelstein - The vegan alternative. Because good sausage is animal-free.

About us

  • vegan
  • purely vegetable
  • non dairy
  • lactose free

Our home & philosophy

We at Gut Wudelstein belong to the purely vegan Wilmersburger GmbH.
Our goal is to make it easier to start a purely plant-based and vegan lifestyle in order to be able to make a small contribution to a better world. We are a completely vegan company and we carry the animal-friendly philosophy at heart.

Our history & vision

In 2003 we founded our extensive, vegan recipe platform "", which later became "Rezeptefuchs .de” has been renamed. There we collected a large number of purely plant-based recipes and created a collection of different product recommendations for various supermarkets to make it easier for our users to start a vegan lifestyle. However, it quickly became clear that something very special was still missing from our vegan recipe collection: A vegan cheese alternative. In 2015 we expanded our portfolio with the vegan cold cuts under the brand Gut Wudelstein.
veganblume siegel

Our guarantee

We guarantee that we will always select all of our Gut Wudelstein products with the greatest care in order to offer you an unrestrictedly good taste experience to the best of our knowledge and belief. All our products and our company are completely vegan. We also attach great importance to a completely vegan manufacturing process. Our demands do not end with a purely vegan list of ingredients, but also include the packaging of the products, which we also must not contain any animal substances as materials or adhesives. According to the recipe, all of our sausage alternatives are dairy-free, lactose-free and free of genetic engineering. For our particularly demanding customers and allergy sufferers, we have gluten-free and soy-free varieties as well as organic products. There is something for everyone in our range. Of course, the organic products we offer are subject to testing by the organic control body DE-ÖKO-003.
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